RMR Cuts

We mill our RMR cuts to a depth of .125″. We also mill out front recoil posts, this also aids in securing the optic in place.

It is recommended to send in your slide completely stripped. This saves us a lot of time, which brings the lead times down.

If you don’t know how, or are uncomfortable doing this. We do not charge extra for disassembly/reassembly. We just ask that you remove the barrel & guide rod, unless you’re sending in the barrel to get Cerakoted at the same time.

If your sights are on, we will remove them & send it back with your slide. We do not install the sights back on. If you send in your RMR red dot, we will properly install it to the correct torque spec. If you purchase iron sights from us, then we will install those with no installation fee whenever you send in your slide for work.


We include the set screws & L wrench for our RMR cuts. If you are mounting a Trijicon RMR, use our provided screws. If mounting a Holosun, use their provided screws (left screw long, short screw right). We insert a new channel liner anytime a Glock slide gets Cerakoted.

Cerakote for your slide is at a discounted rate when you get our RMR cut. It is highly recommended to choose a Cerakote coating for your slide. If NONE is selected, your milled area will be bare metal. With no coating, it will be prone to rust & corrosion.

Our RMR cuts don’t work for the following Glock models; 17L, 41. 42, 43, 43x. 48. (smaller slides)

Split seconds are crucial when it comes to personal defense. That is where our RMR cut can come in handy. The RMR cut features a slimmer design that helps you draw faster and easier by reducing the danger of snags. Despite its diminutive size, the tool retains all of the amazing features of the RMR.

The RMR cut is out and out the best choice in personal defense, with easy-to-use buttons, a standard 2032 battery with up to 4 years of illumination, and a broad array of mounts to accommodate today’s popular concealed carry weapons. With a single, sharp, clear aiming point placed on your target, you can shoot more precisely. In simple words, you never have to take your gaze away from the threat, allowing you to remain focused on the target. The smaller form fits a variety of pistols and is more comfortable to carry on a daily basis. Carry with confidence, knowing that your sight will improve your speed, accuracy, and keep your focus on the target.

Glock RMR Cuts