Nfa Engraving

Custom NFA Engraving

Angel City Armory’s experienced team offers Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) laser engraving for National Firearms Act (NFA) weapons, such as short barrel rifles, short barrel shotguns, and silencers to customers. Our optimal service allows them to customize their firearms by adding vital information including serial numbers, owner information as well as unique components such as custom artwork.

Is It Really Necessary To Engrave Your NFA Firearm?

Well, the short answer is an emphatic YES! According to ATF rules, anyone who is not an FFL holder who wants to create an NFA firearm must fill out an ATF Form 1. The firearm must be marked with the individual’s name, city, and state or, in the case of a trust, the trust’s name, city, and state. If the firearm does not already have a specific caliber marked on it that matches the caliber listed on the Form 1 application, it must be added. Even if the firearm is labeled “MULTI,” a specific caliber must still be engraved on the weapon through the NFA engraving service.

NFA Firearms Engraving Requirements

Before producing a firearm, the person or company making it must submit an application to the ATF and gain approval. The NFA imprint on the legalized application must show the firearm’s model, make, serial number, and total length.

The manufacturer should then engrave all the information on the suitable pieces, namely, receiver, frame, or barrel, considering the nature of the information. In case the firearm manufacturers are individuals, the final weapon should be etched with the name of the individual, as well as the state and city where it was made.