Angel City Armory was driven by its passion to make firearms a work of art. Its owner Roland had an idea. After years of research & development he reached out to his brother in law Hosep to start this company together. Roland is an entrepreneur & life long pro 2A enthusiast. Our co-owner Hosep, is a US marine corps veteran turned entrepreneur after serving his country. Combining their business skills, and machining skills, they launched Angel City Armory. With over a decade of experience using laser machines & other machinery, they decided to incorporate it to the firearms industry. We as a company, wanted to bring positive change to the 2A community. Instead of running from the battle, we decided to stay & fight. This is the how the idea for Angel City Armory came to life.


We believe that in order to bring positive change to the second amendment community, we must break out of the echo chamber that holds us back. In order for us to see this change, we must open the minds of the people outside of the pro second amendment community. We believe in the fundamental right to bear arms, regardless of one’s race or gender. Our goal as a company is to show how firearms can be a form of art, and to teach the importance of why the second amendment exists.