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Lets bring your ideas to life, start your journey with Angel City Armory!

  • 12051 Branford St. Sun Valley, CA 91352
  • +1 747 688 2070
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We have various range of products and services related to Gun Customization. A custom-made firearm can provide you with a sense of accomplishment and ownership.

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How We Work / FAQ

We as a company, wanted to bring positive change to the 2A community. Instead of running from the battle, we decided to stay & fight.

No, but it will help speed things up if it comes stripped.

We do all our work in house. Laser engraving, CNC machining, Cerakote, stippling, is all done in house.

Yes, we will install your new iron sights and/or optic when you get work done with us. Whether you bought the sights/optics from us or brought it in with your firearm. We do complimentary installation.

You can ship your firearm and parts to us. Please check with the carrier on how to ship actual firearms.

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Your Gun Is Your Sword.

We believe in the fundamental right to bear arms, regardless of one’s race or gender. Our goal as a company is to show how firearms can be a form of art, and to teach the importance of why the second amendment exists.