Customizing your gun says a lot about you. Angel City Armory was driven by its passion to make firearms a work of art.


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Who doesn’t appreciate something unique and produced especially for them? Any gun lover would probably agree that a gun can represent their personality quite well. In fact, a custom-made firearm can provide you with a sense of accomplishment and ownership. When you carry a gun that is both unique and high-performing, you will be more motivated and thrilled to practice shooting.


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New cerakote style? Effective grip pattern? Biolume Iron Sights? RMR Slide Cuts? We’ll keep you in the loop for everything.

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We as a company, wanted to bring positive change to the 2A community. Instead of running from the battle, we decided to stay & fight.

Yes, we don’t just do custom work on handguns. Long guns are not a problem. AR’s AK’s we have done it all.

Cerakote is a thin but strong coating that will not affect tolerance. That is why Cerakote is the most popular choice when it comes to custom coating on firearms

Without a question, a firearm is like a well tailored suit. If it doesn’t fit well, its not as effective in the field.

Turn around average is about 1-2 weeks. If it is a really complex project then there would be an increase in lead time.


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Your Gun Is Your Sword.

We believe in the fundamental right to bear arms, regardless of one’s race or gender. Our goal as a company is to show how firearms can be a form of art, and to teach the importance of why the second amendment exists.