Angel City Armory was driven by its passion to make firearms a work of art. Its owner Roland had an idea. After years of research & development he reached out to his brother in law Hosep to start this company together. Roland is an entrepreneur & life long pro 2A enthusiast. Our co-owner Hosep, is a US marine corps veteran turned entrepreneur after serving his country. Combining their business skills, and machining skills, they launched Angel City Armory. With over a decade of experience using laser machines & other machinery, they decided to incorporate it to the firearms industry. We as a company, wanted to bring positive change to the 2A community. Instead of running from the battle, we decided to stay & fight. This is the how the idea for Angel City Armory came to life.


Make Your Gun One Of A Kind With Our State-Of-The-Art Gun Customization

Who does not appreciate something unique and produced especially for them? Any gun lover would probably agree that a gun can represent their personality quite well. In fact, a custom-made firearm can provide you with a sense of accomplishment and ownership. When you carry a gun that is both unique and high-performing, you will be more motivated and thrilled to practice shooting.

Angel City Armory is a reliable weapon shop in California that guarantees anything from minor touchups to major overhauls of your gun. We offer a range of customization services. However, our specialization rests with laser stippled Glocks and optic cuts for Glocks. Apart from that, Angel City Armory is also a trusted choice for cerakote and duracoat finishing for all types of weapons.

You can visit our weapon shop online to buy a range of high-quality accessories such as red dots, night sights, flashlights, etc. that will completely transform the aesthetics as well as the functionality of your gun.  

Why Do People Love Our Services?

People appreciate our work since we can customize their firearms to suit their personality and budget. We concentrate the project on exactly what you require – after all, it is your weapon, not ours. We want you to be overjoyed with your customized gun.