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Laser Stippling Benefits Go Beyond Aesthetics

While many of us may want to modify our firearms for aesthetic reasons to have them appear more visually appealing, a great number of the modifications that we carry out on firearms at Angel City Armory have to do with performance enhancement. Prominent among these modifications is laser stippling. Laser stippling is the process of using a high-powered precision laser to engrave a surface with intricate designs that may not always be possible or feasible to do by hand. Laser stippling can be performed on a variety of materials from metals to synthetic polymers. Here at Angel City Armory we offer laser stippling services for hand grips that as well as being almost criminally beautiful are 100% performance enhancing as far as grip control goes. Not only do our grips look great after laser stippling but due to the procedure and the various grooves that are formed it allows the user to gain a more secure grip over the firearm itself. In short looks and performance go hand in hand!

We Provide Glock Grip Stippling for Enhanced Performance

We’re here because we all know how much a gun can kick. Here at Angel City Armory we provide glock grip stippling to help you maintain a hold on your firearm no matter what happens. The stippling procedures that we provide can engrave a pattern just about as intricate as you might want it on a handgun grip. Our specialty though, in no small part due to our personal preference, is glock grip stippling. We have perfected the art and science of custom engraving and make full use of said experience and mastery when it comes to providing glock grip stippling for enhanced grip strength and performance, but don’t just take our word for. Come over to angel City Armory and find out for yourself about our product finishing and quality!