Long Guns


Our state of the art laser machinery lets us customize your long guns. Whether you want to throw in some artwork onto your AR/AK lower. Or even do NFA engraving. We have the capacity to customize your long guns.
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9mm Long Guns

The 9mm long gun is the appropriate combination of features that make a compact firearm for multiple uses such as in the field, in competition, for personal protection, and for home defense. Due to the pistol caliber round chambering, these firearms provide unrivaled adaptability, as you can effortlessly swap from your 9mm handgun to your 9mm semi-auto rifle.

At Angel City Armory, we make it a point to source our vast stock of 9mm long guns from reputable manufacturers so you can rest assured that you are getting top quality throughout. Whether you are searching for a tactical model for home defense or a more subtle design to complement your shooting style, Angle City Armory is certain to have the perfect 9mm long gun for your specific application.

What Makes 9mm Long Guns The Most Sought-After Weapon?

  • Longevity: 9mm pistols often have a longer service life. For years, certain government agencies have gotten up to 100,000 rounds of service life from 9 mm pistols. Apart from ensuring longevity, they require fewer repairs along the way.
  • Amplified Capacity: Today, the majority of 9mm service handguns come standard with a 17-round magazine. Their extended magazines can hold up to 20 rounds or more while being compact. It goes without saying that the more capacity, the more convenience.
  • Reliable: 9mm long guns are extremely reliable. They are also less vulnerable to variations in duty ammunition and can perform reliably with both practice and duty rounds.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A 9mm Long Gun

  • Training

Trigger pull, sights, and magazine capacity all differ amongst 9mm pistols. As a result, your carry gun should be simple to operate. Some people prefer double-action/single-action handguns, but they require a little more commitment in terms of training than standard polymer-framed pistols with a single-action trigger.

  • Ease of usage

When it comes to choosing a good 9mm gun, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. If you have previously served in the military, law enforcement agency, you are better off sticking to the same model. On the other hand, people who are skilled with hammer-fired firearms should consider one for a concealed carry handgun.