What is Cerakote and Why is it Beneficial?

There are many advantages to applying a Cerakote coating to your firearm. Keep on reading to learn about some of them, and how you can take advantage of this firearm customization feature at Angel City Armory.

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At Angel City Armory, you can take advantage of our comprehensive firearm products and customization services, including an experienced team that can explain and cater to all your firearm customization needs, goals and requirements. This holiday season give the gift of Cerakote to either yourself or someone you care about and learn all about the benefits of this high-performing firearm coating.

Cerakote Coating for Your Firearm

Cerakote is a specialized coating that can be applied to all sorts of materials; wood, polymers, metals, and plastics that is composed of a polymer-ceramic compound. The ceramic coating benefits the firearm by protecting and enhancing physical components including:

  • Decreasing the wear and tear over time
  • Providing abrasion, corrosion, and chemical resistance
  • Improving strength and durability of the coated parts

This type of gun coating is part sealant, part finish — perfect for extending the life and longevity of your firearm. Up until a few of decades ago, guns were protected with either/or stainless steel and blued steel to protect them from the elements. While these materials do tend to hold up well, they are not exactly water-proof and require a layer of water-repellant oil to keep water at bay and protect the surfaces of your firearm from the elements that may cause rust and corrosion.

The ceramic composite crafts a solid finish that is extremely tough and hard so if dropped it can withstand impacts, scratches and dings. Cerakote is a great finish to have your gunsmith apply to aftermarket firearms to give it both a nice look and a high-quality, durability upgrade Cerakote Glock.

Cerakote is a great option because not only is it water-proof and able to fully protect a firearm, it is also available in a plethora of finishes that allow you to create anything from a bold to subtle look.

What are the benefits of Cerakote?

Cerakote is in a class of its own when it comes to gun finishes and coatings. Cerakote acts as a lubricant and many firearm users have noticed they can use much less of gun lubricant on their cerakote finished firearms. Also, compared to other lubricants, users generally report that it attracts less of the unwanted gunky stuff such as dirt, dust, and other particles, thus keeping your customized firearm cleaner and functioning at optimal standards.

Cerakote is also ideal for those who live in wet and extremely humid conditions, efficiently protecting your weapon from corrosion and oxidation, so if you tend to sweat a lot in the hotter seasons or live on a coast, Cerakote coatings keep your firearm dry.

Cerakote is also advantageous because it is available in a variety of colors and patterns (you no longer have to opt for only standard black or military green!). Now your firearm can look cool and color-coordinated to match your favorite vehicle’s interior or your favorite jacket. Pick from Atomic Yellow or Hello Kitty Pink instead!

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5 Gun Customizations to Make Your Gun One of a Kind

Owning a gun brings a sense of confidence and security to many people. Gun owners are passionate about safety and usually feel a strong connection with their firearm, knowing full well that it may be the one thing protecting their life someday.

While they’re certainly not something to be trifled with, that doesn’t mean that gun owners can’t impart a sense of their personality into their weapons. Customization is a way of taking this important part of your life and making it even more special and more connected with you, the owner.

Why Customize Your Gun?

  • Quickly Differentiate Your Gun from Others
  • Express Your Personality

5 Gun Customizations to Try Today

  1. Holster

The holster obviously isn’t a part of your gun, but it can be an easy way to spruce up the experience you have with your firearm. You might be interested in different materials such as leather, nylon, plastic, or even metal, each with its own particular feel and appearance.

Holsters also come in a wide array of locations as far as where they strap to your body. This level of customization allows you to find the most comfortable and accessible variation for your preference.

Experiment with belt attachments, under the arms carriers, inside-the-waistband holsters, or chest straps. If you’re interested in a holster that isn’t clearly visible, make sure to check your local concealed carry laws to determine if you need a permit or not.

  1. Sights

When it comes to any situation that calls for your gun, accuracy is always a critical component. Whether you’re green to the world of gun ownership or a trained pro, upgrading the sight that comes stock on your firearm can not only boost your accuracy but add a personalized touch to it as well Glock Sights.

There are plenty of options available for sights, from lasers to holograms to the classic crosshairs.

Iron Sights

Iron sights, otherwise known as “open sights,” are probably what you immediately think of when aiming a handgun comes to mind. These are the standard, factory-setting sights that come with just about every handgun on the market.

Laser Sights

Laser sights are a great way to breathe some life into your handgun while also boosting its accuracy. The sight mounts onto the weapon and projects a red or green laser that becomes visible when it’s on the target, much like a laser pointer Glock Laser Stippling.

Micro-Red Dot

Micro-Red dot scopes use a small piece of glass or plastic mounted at the top-back of the handgun and project a little, or micro, dot for the user to balance and aim with.

Fiber Optics

Fiber optics sights are another that might be built into your handgun, but most likely, you’d have to add it on. They utilize small pieces of fiber optic material which gather and glow with even minimal amounts of light.

They generally come in green, orange, red, and yellow.

  1. Etching

Etching or engraving is the process of making small cuts in the metal of your gun in a design or pattern that looks simply stunning. You can purchase guns that are already etched, but you can also have it done after purchase for a really unique spin NFA engraving.

  1. Vinyl Wraps

We might be biased, but we think that vinyl wraps are an excellent way to customize your handgun in a way that’s affordable and striking. Wraps come in a wide variety of designs and styles, from different colors and types of camouflage to American flags, to flames, patterns, and more.

  1. Custom Handle Covers

Custom handle covers can have a lot of different positive effects on your weapon. Aesthetic handle covers can add a bit of color and personality to your firearm without impacting the grip width or texture at all.

In Closing

The beauty of customizing your gun is that it’s completely up to you. You likely won’t degrade the quality of your weapon with any of these options as long as you opt for high-quality products.

It’s your firearm and should reflect your personality, wants, and needs. Make your weapon stand out amongst the rest by taking it up a level. You can also combine any number of these customizations together to add even more to your gun.

As we mentioned, guns certainly aren’t toys, but adding a little flare to them will connect you to them even closer than you already naturally are.